VR Cinema with Bombina Bombast

What does a virtual reality cinema look like?

This autumn, three Tuesday evenings will host quality film for VR in a relaxed setting.

Virtual reality (VR) is a new format for film that enables new ways of storytelling. The question is: how are these works best Sure, you can buy a headset and browse from your sofa – but if you can’t aford that? Or you don’t know where to start looking? Or perhaps you think art is better when experiences by a group of people in the same physical space?

Three nights at Inkonst Emma Bexell and Stefan Stanisic from Bombina Bombast will present one possible way of showing VR for a co-viewing. The program will consist of three films per night that point to different developments in relation to the format.

Maximum 25 seats.

17 October
Who are the pioneers and what made them turn to VR? We focus on the last five years’ development of immersive storytelling.

21 November
Time for trendspotting: what premieres have we seen this year that really excite us?

12 December
A night of ”reactive VR” where live actors interact physically with the film experience.

Bombina Bombast & Inkonst


  • 21/11 2017
  • 19.00 start 19.30
  • 100 SEK
  • 13 years