We want you!

Spring is here and the feelings are all over the place. Perhaps because of the newly awoken mating instinct, perhaps of aversion to the return of three-quarter pants. Regardless, it is always great to channel these strong feelings right into music, art and performances. WIP and Libra cannot be described as other than two successful initiatives that are aimed at anyone who wants to exercise or experience what is up n ‘coming in Malmö. And who doesn’t want that?

WIP is a low threshold and high ceiling scene where one can view, test and share ones ongoing creative process; quite simply a damn nice work in progress bar. For 10 minutes the stage is yours and what you choose to show is up to you. We want to know what is going on in the heads of Malmö’s active artists, musicians and performers, so come share and inspire others!

Do you want to participate in WIP?
Fill out the application form, where you will also find our FAQ.

Libra is the answer to the question “where should we go then?” When clubs are closed down, rents are raised and rehearsal spaces are shut down like never before in Malmö’s history. Above all, this calculating destruction of the city’s cultural life affects new and young artists. At Libra, we open up Inkonst for cruel but unstable club acts that deserve better. The content will be unpretentious and mixed but hand-picked. Dance, mess and locally grown music, fresh from the oven. It will be fun!