How is art created?  In residence, of course!

Inkonst has for many years had artists and groups in residence. We have done both in-house residencies and collaborative residencies with our neighbor Inter Arts Center. Together we have created a residency program with a multidisciplinary artistic focus, where we invite professional artists who challenge the performing arts and visual arts traditional frames to create new and different projects. New this year is that the residency program will also cover the field of music and artists working in the borderland between art, sound art and experimental club culture.

Those who work in the residence have access to a place to work to develop and explore new ideas, thoughts or pieces. Our house is both a place for artists to present their final works but also a place for figuring out where once art is heading next. It is important for us to create a vibrant meeting place for the groundbreaking, unexpected, innovative and resourceful.

We want to be an open house, where audiences and artists meets and work, where we produce and discuss. Slipping into Inkonst is to slide into a bubbling jacuzzi of ideas and creativity for the future.


Would you like to be in residence at Inkonst?

We do not have any application process, but you are welcome to send a spontaneous application to our producers, you will find the right contact here.


Previous residencies

2017: Kara-Lis Coverdale, Lisa Mårtensson, Lekhfa: Maryam Saleh, Maurice Louca and Tamer Abu Ghazaleh, ”Vice Versa” Benno Voorham & Abdalla Omari.

2016: Stina Nyberg, WOWAWIWA (Alma Söderberg & Hendrik Willekens), Mr Rice & peanuts, Las CasiCasiotones, Miriam Horwitz, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Bjarni Tor Petursson & Iggy Lond Malmborg, Mark Fell, Scenatet, Alessandro Perini, Jacob Riis.


Photo: Miriam Horwitz in residence in the  Black box

Artists in residence 2017

Viktor Fröjd, Christine Nypan, Marika Peura
21 May–8 June

Nod is a collaboration between three nordic dancers: Marika Peura from Finland, Christine Nypan from Norway and Viktor Fröjd from Sweden. The project has been developed in dance laboratories and residencies over the cours of a year, and the trio is focusing on contemporary urban dance. The dancers are part of a global sub culture – the urban culture – but has also created a regional, urban culture influenced by values and traditions of the Nordic societies. By challenging physical and intellectual conventions the three of them expand the urban expression from within.

Choreography and performers: Viktor Fröjd, Marika Peura, Christine Nypan. | Light design: Anton Andersson | Producer: Kristian Anshelm

On June 8th there will be a demo performance.

Sanna Blennow & Graham Adey
12–22 June

The Millennials is a dance theatre performance and an exploration into a life of immediate gratification and excesses. We have the ability to filter our lives in an instant from depression to amazement which leaves us to question what is reality and do we have the coping mechanisms to deal with it?

Graham Adey is a British choreographer and visual artist based in Sweden. His choreographic works are first and foremost about people. Interested in the stories that bring a particular dancer to where they are in time and space, he challenges the social norm in ways that provokes audiences to both confirm and question their own beliefs. Adey’s works are politically motivated by cultural and social events that are occurring throughout the world; exploring how society defines who we are and how we are perceived.

Sanna Blennow is born and raised in Stockholm and moved to Copenhagen to study contemporary dance and choreography between 2007-2011. Blennow’s work reflects her surroundings; always and forever leaving audiences with a mix of conflicting feelings and thoughts w anting you to feel engaged and to question what you face. To laugh at it, to feel strange with it, to love it, to hate it, to want to be part of it again, to be mesmerized, to be disgusted, to question the necessity of her work, allowing audiences to also reflect their your own existence.

On June 22 there will be a demo performance.

Nya Rörelsen
3–16 July

Not Visible / Visible is a project working with young refugees and Swedish youth within the Skåne region. This performance project is talking about the idea of what ‘visibility’ means for young people from vastly different backgrounds and experiences and bringing together these young people so they can share their stories with each other and the public, building bridges across what may divide our society into minorities.

Nya Rörelsen will be looking at finding a common voice through the language of movement and giving young people a safe environment to experience creativity and have a platform to talk about their reality and explore this through the many avenues of expression.

Project manager: Graham Adey | Coordinator/liaison: Atoosa Farah | Artistic Collaborators/Workshop: Nya Rörelsen members 
Production: Eliana Oikawa | Supported by: in-discourse, Inkonst and Sommarscen Malmö

On July 16 juli there will be a demo performance. The project will later be shown at Sommarscen and the Malmö festival in August.

Sidney Leoni
17–31 juli

Sidney Leoni and friends will work on a multimedia-solo-dance-performance which will premiere at Weld in Stockholm in February 2018 and later at Inkonst.

Sidney Leoni works as a choreographer, performer and filmmaker. His artistic research explores the field of immersive and experiential theatre and cinema, in which he focuses on the processes and effects of audience’s imaginary and sensory perceptions. With his last two performance projects Undertone (2010) and Hertz (2013), the theatre space is plunged in complete darkness becoming the stage for the orchestration of sensory movements such as surround-soundscapes, live music, smells, vibrations, airflows and temperature fluctuations, in correlation to performative situations of encounter and mutual reliance between performers, musicians and audience members.

Yoann Durant is a composer and improviser, who plays saxophones _soprano & alto_, custom-built washing-machine tube and garden hose, acoustic and electrified. He has developed a singular language based on a certain scarcity of the air circulation through the instruments and throughout the space.

Jan Fedinger is a visual artist and designer that works across various media while using Light as prime medium of expression. His oeuvre comprises lighting design, light installations, photography, drawings and furniture.