Becoming – Bodine Sutorius

Becoming is a video installation performance where the audience is sucked into the bizarre inner world of a woman who tries to escape her form. To escape from her hips, breasts and buttocks. To escape her femininity.

Time TBA


Performer and theatre maker Bodine Sutorius, born in The Hague, moved to Amsterdam in 2016 to study at the Mime Education. There she developed into a strong physical performer who does not shy away from vulnerable play. For her graduation she created two performances, including the piece BECOMING, which was awarded the Andre Veltkamp Beurs prize. A performance that arose from her fascination for the female body and the question: what does it mean to be a woman, where is the beauty and where is the horror of having a female body?

For her next performance ”Connective tissue”, she draws inspiration in Swedish Lapland and will spend 30 days alone hiking Kungsleden. A preparatory work that coincidentally ends just a few days before she comes to play BECOMING during the autumn/winter season opening night at Inkonst

Concept and performer: Bodine Sutorius
Music: Thomas van den Berg
Technical Design: Jela Nieuwstraten & Mano Nijkerk
Advice: Tabita Friis Kristensen