For general questions during office hours.

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Lost something at Inkonst?

We have a lost and found where we put everything that is found here. If you’ve lost something you can come by weekdays during daytime (usually 9-5) or in the evening when we are open for events. If you’ve forgot your jacket in the wardrobe, we will keep it for a month for you. Your things will be returned to you upon description.

Program proposals?

For program proposals, please contact only the producer in charge:
Petra for performing arts, Ulf for music and Ellinor for other art forms and events.
If you have emailed and not received a reply yet, please understand that our producers get a lot of proposals and may be behind on emails.


Anna Reimegård

Paul Kraus
Managing Director

Petra Huisman
Artistic Director and Producer performing arts

Amanda Davies
Producer Performing arts.

Ellinor Gylling
Booker and producer culture events (visual arts, literature, In-Q)

Ulf Eriksson
Artistic Director music

Jonas Siöström
Technical Director (on parental leave)

Sophie Christiansson
Night Manager

Adèle Tornberg
Floor Manager

Dominic Austin
Bar Manager

Maximilian Spagnoli Adenhav
Assistant Bar Manager

Emanuel Sundin
Producer/booker club/music/Intonal

Mika Hallbäck
Marketing Music/Intonal

Maja Strömberg
Marketing manager

Annie Eliasson
Assistant producer/Marketing Performing Arts

Ulrich Ruchlinski
Technical coordinator

Felix Noble Andreasson
Technical coordinator

Ronnie Källbäck

Rickard Thunberg
Caretaker / exhibition technician

The Board

Victoria Percovich Gutierrez
Chairman of the Board

Helena Cedrins
Vice Chairman

Amel Suljevic
Board member

Felicia Fredriksson
Board member

Andreas Wendén
Board member

Erica Li Lundqvist
Board member