ḤĀL/MAGU – Farvash (Malmö Gallerihelg)

A performance and exhibition about longing and belonging - reaching for homeland in an exploration of cultural heritage through tech-art and esoteric knowledge.

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durational performance / exhibition

We have invited multidisciplinary artist Farvash to create a performance and an exhibition for Malmö Gallerihelg 2022. As a practice-based artist Farvash draws from their background in chemistry along with history, identity and ontology centered questions. On 23rd of September they will present ḤĀL and MAGU at Inkonst, two pieces that are connected with each other yet stand alone as individual works both typically within Farvash’s unique style of interdisciplinary expression. The mutual framework of ḤĀL and MAGU stems from diasporic matters of longing and belonging – reaching for homeland in an exploration of cultural heritage celebrating esoteric knowledge and generational gifts.

ḤĀL by Farvash & Mohammed Rowe (performance 23 Sep 18:00-22:00)
ḤĀL is a 4 hour long durational performance set in a desert like sand filled room veiled in neon green that invites you along on a transcendental journey into the subconscious. To reach within the complexity of existence Farvash performs repetitive actions through a monotone steady flow. Creating a portal to a hybrid reality by building a subconscious landscape using robotic sculptures in ongoing circular movement and spoken word in Farsi along with musical elements by Mohammed Rowe. Nonetheless the center of the performance lies within the pleasure of an exploratory experience. Constant, flowing, rhythmical and hypnotizing.

Combining tech-art and ancient Persian Magu – a hybrid praxis emanating from historical Persia composing a variety of sciences and elevated otherworldly practices – Farvash puts together a performance which exercises multiple thematics and parallel purposes. Complex yet elementary. Personal although universal. The goal being to induce ḥāl – in farsi meaning “state of being”, a physical, spiritual, or emotional state of a person – an essential notion in Persian arts which is supposed to bring about a meditative state (ḥāl) in the artist as well as in the audience.

The performance evokes the necessary energies needed to enter a state of mind beyond the conscious realm. In an attempt to uncover what’s unreachable, to discover a floor between the 7th and the 8th, to reconnect with soil and legacy – leveling homeland.

MAGU by Collective Sp0re & Collective Diaspora Now (exhibition opening 23 Sep 18:00-22:00)
The exhibition is two artist collectives within magical practices coming together – Collective Sp0re and Collective Diaspora Now. As magu practicing diaspora artists they participate with a piece of their own artistry, bringing together a sculptural collection of objects and tools. Like excerpts from works of arts with the common denominators being diasporic identity and hybrid practices, the exhibition displays a unique insight into MAGU.

Artists in exhibition
001184 (Collective Sp0re)
Col Self (Collective Sp0re)
Mohammed Rowe (Collective Sp0re)
Farvash (Collective Sp0re)
Joshua Woolford (Collective Diaspora Now)
Paola Estrella (Collective Diaspora Now)
Rieko Whitfield (Collective Diaspora Now)

See the exhibition at Inkonst during Malmö Gallerihelg on 23-25 september, Fri  18-22 and Sat-Sun 12-16.
Thereafter available to see until October 29th, visit whenever Inkonst is open.

Born in Iran, Farvash is a practice-based artist working within art and technology. She is deeply involved in Persian mythology, history and ontology. Her practice is in a constant flux towards multiple directions. One is looking at the deconstruction of identity and how it is reconstructed due to trauma, isolation, experience of war and immigration. Another direction aims to understand the relationship between matter/non-matter, the seen/unseen and how matter can materialize and disappear. With a background in chemistry she develops her own materials to study characteristics and behaviors within the framework of concealment and transformation. In her practice she aims to bring these areas of research together into sculptures, installations, performances, lectures, micro realities and systems of logic.

  • 23/9 2022