INTONAL 2023: Ambient Assembly | Brändan Folkets Park FREE ENTRY

One of the pinnacle points of Intonal is when we move out from the warmth of our home venue - Inkonst - to different weird and wonderful locations that we find in the midst of the grey, post-industrial backdrop that is Malmö - whether it being a defunct old water tower, a post industrial loft or a late 19th century backyard.

Somehow this loose concept have ended up under the moniker of ’Ambient Assembly’.
Weirdly, it’s neither very ambient or an assembly as such but it features a great variety of local and international talent – this time crammed into an old wooden dancehall / derelict arcade, gloriously decorated with esteemed psy-trance paintings by a local legend. Sounds weird? Great!

Laila Sakini (UK)
Hviledag (DK)
Rip ME
DJ Mort-Moi