_gunnel_o_rickard_ “Croquis”

Choreography for machines and charcoal

A journey to the borderlands between the digital and the analogue, to a room full of hydrometers, heat cameras and vibration sensors.

A live figure drawing model stands completely still while the artists draws and looks with a concentrated gaze. Completely analogue, just the body and the artist’s coal. But not even a still standing body stops moving – tiny shivers, fluctuations in temperature and small involuntary sounds escapes out into the surroundings. The figure drawing model thinks of all sorts of measuring tools that could register these tiny tiny movements, turn it into signals – signals that could trigger other events. Soon maybe the body isn’t just a still standing object, but a conductor in a digital orchestra, where images, music and movements are calculated from sweat and heart beats?

Croquis is a regression to zero and beyond, a room for amazement and curiosity that explores the ties between the new and the old world. A place where dance and movement can transport the body to other dimensions, a dancefloor where not knowing is a holy practice and the doors are open to completely unexpected explanations.

_gunnel_o_rickard_ (SE) is an anarchist expert group who use choreography to understand the world. Since 2002 they have produces exhibitions, performances, films and pedagogical work. Croquis is their debut in the fancy theatres.

Artistic direction: Robert Logrell |Research: Fridolf Lundmark | With: Robert Logrell, Kaspars Liepins Hedström | Costume consultant: Jenny Nordberg | Set design: Petter Nilsson | Light design: Emanuel Arvanitis | Graphic concept: Pavels Liepins Hedström | Consultation: Ellinor Ljungkvist, Daniel Palmdal | Technical support: Julia Giertz | Programming: Tim Krahmer | PR: Sanna Blennow |