Absurd Composition No. 12.1 – Absurdum Temporary Art

A dance becomes a word, becomes a light, becomes a song, becomes an action. Artists from different fields join in a performance concert, mixing classic Fluxus performance with new inventions.

DATES: 30/8
DOORS:  18.30

ON STAGE: 19.00
LENGTH: 50 min

After a one week residence at Inkonst, Absurdum Temporary Art presents a performance concert mixing classic Fluxus performance scores with new inventions. 

Along with artists from different fields in the performing arts, we are investigating the materials from which performative art is born, such as text and movement scores, graphic scores, and sketches, translating it from practice to practice. A dance becomes a  word, becomes a light, becomes a song, becomes an action. The aim is a seamless flow of creation where translation and interpretation become a language, a new way of understanding. 

Throughout the experiment, we follow the criteria for Fluxus work:


We also offer an open stage for you to try out classic scores, such as Drip Music by George Brecht and Nivea Creme Piece by Alison Knowels among others.
This marks the first out of four weeks of experimentation. The remaining three are to be held in various other locations in Malmö during the fall.

With support from: Region Skåne


Absurdum Temporary Art was founded in 2019 and is run by  Lisa Mårtensson, dramaturg and director and Lotta Fahlén, musician, composer and sound artist. Absurdum creates devised, often immersive conceptual performance art and interactive sound works. Absurdum Temporary Art is exploring artistic method and form and have collage, music and soundscape as key supporting elements in their productions.  


Absurdum Temporary Art team: Lisa Mårtensson, Lotta Fahlén and Oliver Lindman with invited artists from different practices (TBA).

  • 30/8 2024
  • 19.00
  • FREE