Absurdum – Temporary Art “The Road We Walk”

What the hell are people actually doing at their extremely normal jobs? 

Bergsgatan has over 150 different workplaces where loads of people do very diverse things for a living. The Road We Walk is based on interviews with everything from bartenders to nurses about what they do at their extremely normal jobs along Malmö’s most falafel-dense street. 

How did people end up at their jobs? And what are they working for? In a world with seemingly “endless possibilities” it can sometimes be hard to know what you actually wants to do with your life and easy to imagine you’re missing out on some interesting work experiences. This performance offers insight into jobs you may never get an insight into how they work. 

The Road We Walk builds choreographies, video stories and soundscapes about those who work wall-to-wall but sometimes worlds apart. 

Absurdum – Temporary Art is a group based in Malmö consisting of video artist Manel Ruiz, musician Lotta Fahlén and performing artist Lisa Mårtensson. Together they create interdisciplinary audience experiences.