Abyss X touches your heart in the most sensuous way

With Crete as her base, multi-disciplinary vocalist and performer Abyss X has created a highly unique expression. Hoovering somewhere between the rich musical heritage of her homeland and contemporary deconstructed club music, Abyss X touches your heart in the most sensuous way. This is mystic music, almost eerie, with undertones of the occult and a pulsating pop nerve. Her recent debut LP release INNUENDO was graced with remixes by the likes of SOPHIE (Rest in Power) and Rui Ho. Her riveting voice boasts a 4-octave range, elegantly embosoming her musical arrangements in nuanced ways.

Abyss X also runs her own imprint: SHXME, a non-profit initiative supporting different social issues with every release. In 2017 she started a crowdfunding tool together with Support.FM, aimed towards supporting trans* and gender nonconforming people in jail, prison or in detention. She’s also the curator and artistic director of the ‘Nature Loves Courage’ festival in her native Crete.