Alma Söderberg & Hendrik Willekens – Half As Much Again

Exclusive residence / wip show

Welcome to the exclusive residence / wip show for only 8 people by Alma Söderberg and Hendrik Willekens (a.k.a. Dehendrik Lechat Willekens). The artists / choreographers offer a one-time viewing of the work they are currently working on. A 30min exclusive insight into the artists’ process and work.

Half As Much Again is a continuation of musical explorations by Alma Söderberg and Hendrik Willekens (a.k.a. Dehendrik Lechat Willekens). The title is a linguistic construction which captures a specific polyrhythm; in this case it reflects a relation of (to speak in whole numbers) two against three. The application of polyrhythmic thinking and doing has occupied A+H for several years in several projects and collaborations. 

“At Inkonst we want to share new sounds that we have been making and putting together in the spring and summer and fall (and, come to think of it, winter as well, actually) of the memorable year 2020. Here is a more descriptive way to put into words what we will be presenting: electronic beats and rhythmic voice.

If you’re interested in coming, please be aware that this will be a work in progress sharing, we’d be glad to have an exchange of experiences and ideas in relation to the showing.

Our gratitude goes out to the people of Inter Arts Center and Inkonst who trusted us with their space and time.”  – Alma + Hendrik

 This project has received funding from Konstnärsnämnden.


Alma Söderberg is a choreographer and performer that works with music and dance. She uses her voice and body to play space as if it were an instrument. She has won the Thalia Prize and has been granted the Cullberg scholarship.

Hendrik Willekens (a.k.a. Dehendrik Lechat Willekens) is an artist active in the live arts scene since 2008. His formation included both an actors training in the traditional sense and a mime program that formed him in both performing and conceptualizing. He holds a master’s degree in the former and a bachelor’s degree in the latter of educations.