Astrid Sonne + Cassius Lambert

Experimental wunderkind with support from one of the regions most outstanding bass players.

Astrid Sonne is a classically schooled viola player from Bornholm-turned experimental wunderkind over a night. With a declining interest for the traditional symphonic construct as driving force, Sonne have created a deeply unique audial aesthetic that is manifested in her breakthrough ‘Human Lines’ (2018) and follow-up ‘Cliodynamics’ (2019). The classical schooling reoccurs, serving as an organic ambient base, gradually deteriorated by an ocean of choirs, polyphonics, digital coldness and repetition. 

This musical high-wire act has taken her to festivals like Berlin Atonal, Rewire, Ekko and our own get-together – Intonal. Now she returns, just after releasing her third studio album,  for a dear and long awaited revisit. 

Cassius Lambert is a Swedish-Ethiopian bass player from Abbekås who, much like the above-mentioned artist, made a name for himself through deconstruction and musical balancing acts. The Debut album ‘Quote’ (2015) got great reviews and on ‘Symmetri’ (2018) he refined his aesthetic and style. Through an almost unorthodox treatment of the electric bass, he hollows its traditional usage and lets it serve all frequencies in a small symphony, where minimalism meets with maximalism through loops, shimmer effects and technical skill. 

This event is presented with support from Puls / Nordisk Kulturfond