Astrum – New Era

We’re inviting you to celebrate, as Astrum is entering a new era.

Our beloved venue, a playground responsible for many wild nights, is being torn down in the process of expanding the city.

We’d like to express our gratitude to everyone that have been a part of our movement and made all the craziness possible. Volunteers, artists and most of all – everyone that has come to dance and created endless magic – THANKS! ♥

For this special night we’ve invited one of our idols over the bridge – Rune Bagge, to set the tones.
Rune Bagge is a very versatile artist, with a range from beautiful melancholic ambient, to hard stomping techno.

While closing this chapter, we’re taking a glimpse of the next.
Astrum residents Rut Fessler and MLVKS 50 is coming up to light with their own work for the first time!

Last but not least, Kontrastera is set on warm up-duty to loosen your limbs.

We’re very excited to start the new year banging!

Rune Bagge – Northern Electronic, Fast Forward


Rut Fessler – LIVE