Autumn Lights: ROVI, Feivel, Källor

An extra cozy evening and picnic concert

We’re feeling a bit autumnal. To bring some light and warmth into November, we decided to bring you the coziest concert we could think of. Three music acts and a picknick!
Tape Swedish Idol and Paradise Hotel, bring your best friday snacks, the fruitsallad, the cheese plate or the take out pizza, seat yourself in front of the stage and enjoy some lovely music together. **Do NOT bring alcoholic beverages, you can buy them in the bar!**

This meeting between a Swedish pop cellist and an Indian ambient music producer results in a sound containing elements of folk, classical, pop, ambient and electronic influences to form a blend of cinematic and experimental music. Källor aims to combine the old with the new and create a space where music and sound provide a journey to the past and the future through musical storytelling.
Earlier in 2019, the duo released the singles Frost and Mother. More recently, they have focused on the concepts of home and belonging and are building the songs from their upcoming EP around this theme.

“ROVI is the singer songwriter whose fairytale forest pop makes you refer to colorful film and lonesome whales singing in dark waters”
The music is atmospheric, exciting and does not fear neither beat or key changes. A playful piano and a colourful voice creates a fantastic atmosphere you definitely will enjoy. ROVI covers the whole spectrum, it feels big and airy, light and sensitive and absolutely wonderful!

”Delicate and soothing, this song triggers a melancholic feeling in a way that only a Scandinavian can.” – The 405 (UK)
Sweden’s own Elin Hörberg has come a long way since her busy days as pianist in the band Skilla. Taking Feivel as a moniker to pursue a solo career, Hörberg’s music is now celebrated worldwide, even granting her collaborations and tours with renowned Swedish and international acts. Feivel has been described as ”A perfect mix of the UK band Daughter, and a 90’s flirt”. She’s been celebrated on blogs throughout the world, heard on Swedish and international radio, toured and recorded with the UK band Dry The River (link below) as well as performed with national and international artists such as Kristian Anttila (SE), Sarah Klang (SE) and Gregory Alan Isakov (US).