Björn Säfsten “Idiots”

Dancers looking for the freedom of movement through the "idiot"

An idiot takes silly, banal activities very seriously – for example throwing themself into the air like a falling plastic bag.

In Idiots Björn Säfsten and his co-actor Sebastian Lingserius sets objects in motion to try and “become” the movement patterns of the objects. They throw things, plastic bags and clothes, and watch how they move as they fall, to then try and throw their own bodies in the same way. They play with the objects, make them dance, use their sound as music.

The title comes from dance theorist André Lepecki’s thoughts on the idiot, someone who has a thought system so diffrent from others that they don’t understand that they are in fact different. Someone who acts in their own system of thought make others aware of their normative behaviour through their norm-breaking actions. In dance the body and mind are shaped through discipline to become a skilled dancer. Comtemporary dance often criticize the normative systems created byt this discipline, and ask questions about how a dancing body can and should move, look and be shaped. In Idiots Säfsten asks himself wheather it is possible to use idiotic exercises to discipline oneself to freedom instead of control. Create such an intense focus on the task at hand that you forget who is watching, use physical exhaustion to loose all sense of objectivity and norms.


Björn Säfsten is a choreographer based in Stockholm. His work is often focused on movement as an element of meaning in our everyday communication. Säfsten has previously presented Fictional Copies at Inkonst and in 2013 he created the piece …AND for Skånes Dansteater, which was praised by press and audiences alike.
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Choreography: Björn Säfsten, Allison Ahl and Sebastian Lingserius | With: Björn Säfsten and Sebastian Lingerius | Light- and set design: Chrisander Brun | Sound design: Anna Sóley Tryggvadóttir | Created in residency at AADK/Centro Negra, MDT, wpZIMMER and SITE

60 min.