BLOMSTERKIOSKEN – Lisen Rosell, Petra Gipp & Foad Arbabi

How laconic can an architect man become? How sexy is a concrete mixer? Is class an emotion or a profession? How lost is a daughter allowed to be?

BLOMSTERKIOSKEN is a work where performing arts, architecture and music interact. It’s a pleasurable examination of a broken mother-daughter relationship and their shaky path to tentative conversations. Nothing of this would ever have happened if it wasn’t for a provocative raw flower kiosk and its creator.

Together with Petra Gipp and Foad Arbabi, Lisen Rosell navigates among sand, gravel, cement, water, construction workers and red wine, in the strict architectural pornographic universes of Sigurd Lewerentz, the master of brutalism.

How laconic can an architect man become? How sexy is a concrete mixer? Is class an emotion or a profession? How lost is a daughter allowed to be? Are brutalist houses elegant or ugly, and how do you polish an exterior with fake nails? Do Lisen and her mother actually get closer? What are they talking about, really?

Lisen Rosell’s works explore and develop methods in performing arts. Body and desire are recurring themes, and humor and risk are both important tools. Lisen has her background in ÖFA and has been a co-creator of most of the collective’s performances. Together with Amanda Apetrea and Nadja Hjorton, she has in recent years created “Grottbjörnens folk” (The Clan of the cave bear), “Cuteness Overload”, “Harlequin” and “Stolthet och fördom” (Pride and Prejudice).

Petra Gipp is an architect and artist, a member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Her artistic expression is of an exploratory nature, and moves in the borderland between sculpture and architecture. Petra has exhibited her works at the Venice Biennale, Liljevalch’s and Färgfabriken in Stockholm and at the Kivik Art center.

Foad Arbabi is a composer, songwriter, music producer and artist who also makes music for the stage. His musical language often moves between the artificial and the organic, with a solid foundation in the renaissance of synthetic music in the 70s and 80s. Foad has created sound and music for theaters such as Dramaten, Galeasen and Unga Klara.

Creator and performer: Lisen Rosell | Music and co-creator: Foad Arbabi | Sculpture, light design and co-creator: Petra Gipp | Produced by Interim Kultur in co-production with Inkonst | Supported by: The Swedish Arts Council and the Swedish Art Grants Committee | Residence: Köttinspektionen, Turteatern and Orionteatern.”


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