Bombina Bombast “The AI Party”

A political party lead by an artificial intelligence.

Shouldn’t we just let an artificial intelligence rule the world? When humans just destroy the earth, isn’t it time world leaders step aside and make room for the latest technology? Meet Bombina Bombast’s artificial intelligence, a super intelligent creature that only has your best interest in mind.

Humanity doesn’t exactly have a glowing track record of solving our own problems, do we? We haven’t learned much from thousands and thousands of years of environmental destruction and war, but continue to be lead astray by corrupt power structures. Who do you want to pilot our society through the massive challenges we face? Corrupt, power-hungry human beings?

To fill this apparent demand for an alternative to human governance Bombina Bombast presents The AI Party. In this performance you will get to know this revolutionary political vision by meeting members of the party and, using VR-technology, the party leader – a super intelligent being that only has your best interest in mind.

The AI Party is an international collaboration that has resulted in several events and installations, Festspillerne in northern Norway and Kiasma in Helsinki amongst others. The piece presented at Inkonst is a work in progress.

Bombina Bombast is a company of performing arts based in Malmö under artistic direction of Emma Bexell & Stefan Stanisic. Since the start 2011 Bombina Bombast har produced over 30 original works for stage and screen characterized by the performative meeting innovative technologies, lately with a focus on virtual reality. The company has presented at festivals and theatres in Europe, America and Asia and film festivals such as Cannes and Sundance.

Created by Emma Bexell, Stefan Stanisic, Svante Back & Sjur Marqvardsen after an original concept by The Center for Everything (FIN), Triage Live Art Collective (GER/AU), Bombina Bombast (SWE), and First Kiss Production (NO). | Funded by Kulturbryggan, Swedish Arts Council, Norwegian Arts Council, Skåne Regional Council, Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Nordic Culture Fund | Performer: Lars August Jørgensen | Programming: Herman Fredlund | Intern: Alva Bexell | A co-production with Festspillerne Nord-Norge and The Center for Everything