BRÅK – PotatoPotato

When was the last time you quarreled? Did you lose it? Did you get too shitty? Did you feel stupid? Do you want to feel less alone and laugh at the misery?

BRÅK is a four-hour quarrel between four actors. In BRÅK all phases of the quarrel, qualities and actions are embodied. BRÅK is catharsis without peripetia, an eternal lingering disagreement. BRÅK is a chamber play that revolves around the very core of the drama – the conflict. And to digest the impressions: a bluegrass band!

Go to the bathroom before it starts, bring a snack in the salon. Four hours has never passed so fast and you do not want to miss a second.

BRÅK is produced by PotatoPotato in the spring of 2021, and according to PotatoPotato’s method, the actors’ personal expressions, experiences and perspectives have influenced both the content and form of the set. BRÅK will be played in Stockholm and Malmö in the spring of 2022.

Freja Hallberg directs the show, which will be her 37th premiere. On stage, Jenny Møller Jensen, formerly in TERAPISTERNA and ROSEMARYS BABYSHOWER, Mattias Lech, formerly in FUNERAL and THE EXPRESSIONS OF THE EMOTIONS IN MAN AND ANIMAL, Karin Bengtsson, formerly in MONSTER & GUDAR and ÅREAKUTEN, Jessie Lewis Skoglund, previously in, among other things, SÅÅ FEJK and DROTTNINGARNA.

By: PotatoPotato | Text: Freja Hallberg i samarbete med ensemble | Director: Freja Hallberg | Cast: Jenny Møller Jensen, Mattias Lech, Karin Bengtsson, Jessie Lewis Skoglund | Photo: Jens Lasthein | Graphic form: Olof Mogård | Artistic management PotatoPotato: Freja Hallberg, Jenny Möller Jensen, Linda Forsell, Paulina Göth, Helena Engberg-Tunström.

With support by: Statens Kulturråd, Sveriges Författarfond, Region Skåne, Malmö Stad, Stockholm Stad, Region Stockholm.

  • 14–16/4 2022
  • DOORS: 17.30 / ON STAGE: 18.00-22.00
  • 220/280:-
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