Christmas Day Club 2017

All we need for Christmas is you

Inkonst is opening up both floors for a proper Christmas Day bonanza with world class DJs and a jolly atmosphere.

Warm techno, rough rhythms, good friends and a brew or two. What else can anyone ask for? Rivet and and Johanna Knutsson are both well known across the globe for their abilities to really turn a dance floor upside down. Drömfakulteten’s own Sissel Wincent from Stockholm completely wrecked Intonal last summer and local heroes Kalevi Palomäki and Coldex are the best warmup acts one could possibly hope for. So deck the halls, and so on.

Johanna Knutsson [Klasse/UFO Station]

Rivet [Kess Kill]

Sissel Wincent [Drömfakulteten]

Kalevi Palomäki [Klubb Döden]

Coldex [Norbergfestival]