The Conference: (Un)planned culture

Seminar on the power of alternative culture

A seminar with Dimitri Hegemann, founder of Tresor and Atonal festival in Berlin, on the importance of alternative culture for urban life. After his talk there will be a panel discussion focusing on the region of Malmö/Copenhagen.

Dimitri Hegemann is a German nightclub owner, cultural activist and community organizer foremost known for founding the famous Berlin techno club, Tresor. Based on his own Berlin experiences, Dimitri will talk on the importance of alternative culture for urban life, change and development.

Cities develop and change over time and each new generation make their mark in the physical space, architectural appearance and the cultural life. These transformations create new possibilities for experimental culture and innovativeness, something that cities strive to embrace in order to attract “’the right” kind of people, businesses and attention. Culture is becoming a vital part of strategic planning and development as well as a tool to achieve more just and diverse cities. But within this “cultural planning”, is there room for alternative and counter cultures to evolve and experiment? What part does alternative culture play in comparison with public art and culture institutions?

After Dimitri’s presentation there will be a panel discussion moderated by Mathias Holmberg from White Arkitekter, with members from the local culture scene focusing on the regions specific conditions for alternative culture.

Dimitri Hegemann, Tresor
Signe Brink Pedersen, Roskilde Festival
Frida Trollmyr, The City of Malmö
Elof Hellström, Cyklopen
Nicklas Johansson,  The City of Malmö

Focal points for the seminar:
How can different generations and ideas find place to experiment and evolve in cities of today and tomorrow?
What part does alternative culture play in relationship to public art and culture institutions?
How can art and culture function as catalyst and inspiration for urban life and development?

The seminar is followed by the Conference official closing party. The party features Danish DJ collective Apeiron Crew & the Finnish live electro act Mono Junk.

The Conference
The Conference is a two day event on September 4-5th in Malmö that explores complexity and trends in the digital world. They invite speakers from all over the world representing a wide range of disciplines. The sessions are carefully curated to help you connect the dots between the widespread topics. Think of it like your favorite arts museum. Between September 2-8, there are also workshops, masterclasses and festivities organized by the Malmö community in collaboration with the Conference.

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