Content – Lumor

A dark, humorous tale of the future, in the cross-lands between dream and reality. Skeppsby Park is planning the 50th anniversary of the cultural center Silversälen. A sound work will premiere and the municipality's storytelling project is to be completed, at the same time a terrible crime takes place…

DATES: 5–6/12
DOORS: 18.30
ON STAGE: 19.00
DURATION: 1 h 50 min (without break)

Skeppsby Park is planning the 50th anniversary of their cultural center, popularly known as Silversälen. The world-famous artist Alison Geoffrey’s sound work “The light is inside the box” is to be premiered. The journalist Hacke is given the task of completing the municipality’s storytelling project, which has engaged Skeppsby Park residents for decades. At the same time a terrible crime takes place, but the planning of the anniversary continues, despite the fact that Alison’s health is getting worse. In various ways they get involved with both the crime investigation and the municipality’s storytelling project. Journalist Hacke, doctor Theresa and public official Ellie embark on figuring out how everything is actually connected. If that’s even the case?

Content reunites David Wiberg and Oskar Thunberg, who were the brains behind the critically acclaimed “Här kommer alla känslorna på en och samma gång” (Lumor/Unga Dramaten 2017). With nods to Samuel Beckett and David Lynch, they continue their reckoning with our age’s fixation on clear, selling narratives, and investigates our collective quest to fill our lives with content, real as well as fictional.


Lumor is an independent performing arts company, active in Stockholm and on tour. Lumor does not have its own stage but always collaborates with other theaters. Recently played productions: Mitt Inferno at Strindbergs Intima Teater, Blue Air at Orionteatern, Mördaren du söker at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern and Ambulans at Dramaten.
David Wiberg is – in addition to being a playwright and director – a writer, actor and comedian, as well as part of the comedy collective Varanteatern.
Oskar Thunberg is a director, playwright and actor, and together with Paula Stenström Öhman the artistic director of Lumor.
Eric Stern is an actor, known from “Therese i kassan” (SVT) for many years on Dramaten (among other things in the Liv Strömqvist plays), and from “På minuten” on P1.
Sofia Rönnegård is an actor, known from among others “Fröken Friman’s War” and “Detektiven från Belydweyne” (both on SVT) and a number of theatre roles all over Sweden.
Eva Rexed is an actor, known from several Lumor productions and many years at Stockholm’s Stadsteater


Writers: David Wiberg och Oskar Thunberg
Directors: Oskar Thunberg och David Wiberg
With: Sofia Rönnegård, Eva Rexed, Eric Stern
Scenography & costume design:: Maja Döbling
Sound and audio design: Stefan Johansson
Light design: Markus Granqvist
Graphic design: Erica Jacobson
Mask design: Patricia Svajger

  • 5–6/12 2024
  • 19.00
  • 175/250