Crime City Disco 6 yrs: Ena Cosovic & Klövn

The Berlin based record label with roots in Malmö is celebrating 6 years

The Berlin based record label was founded in the winter of 2011 by former Malmö resident Tobias Gullberg. With many successful label nights behind them both in Berlin and Malmö, and a fantastic Vinyl back catalogue they’re taking over inkonst to celebrate 6 years as a label.

On the line up we have one of Copenhagens best dj’s/ Culture Box resident Ena Cosovic and a live-set from Local hero/ Pommes94 member Klövn. They get support from the label boss himself Tobias Gullberg. Enjoy!

Ena Cosovic
Tobias Gullberg


Crime City Disco

  • 6/5 2017
  • 23.00–03.00
  • 80 SEK
  • 18 years