Cullberg / Deborah Hay “The Match

Funny, odd and iconic by legendary choreographer Deborah Hay

An iconic masterpiece, funny and odd – The Match has been described as “a fascinating, vibrant battle of wits”. The work by legendary choreographer Deborah Hay is a quartet of many layers with four solos within it, solos that are spontaneously cast each night by who from the quartet steps up to perform. Each time a different solo is highlighted.

The Match contains meditation like exercises that invisibly bind the dancers to the material by establishing a mental, emotional, and bodily rigor that is visible in the performance. The work is built on the nature of experience, attention and perception.

“Dance is my form of political activism” – Deborah Hay

The Match is summed up in one question:
“What if the potential to perceive time and space as unique and original, is not a theme, or movement style, or goal, but a frame for the performers to engage their bodily intelligence through a choreography of material that challenges definition?”

Deborah Hay, born 1941 in Brooklyn, has achieved icon status among choreographers. Her work was formulated in the 1960s experimental Judson Dance Theatre in New York, one of the most radical and influential postmodern art movements. Hay’s dances center on undoing the body’s reliance on learned behavior by enlarging the field from which a dancer can resource movement. She spent many years choreographing solo works for notable artists including Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Choreography: Deborah Hay | Original lighting design: Jennifer Tipton | Reworked lighting design: Ivan Wahren | Costume: Marita Tjärnström | Rehearsal director: Lisa Drake | With Adam Schütt, Agnieszka Sjökvist Dlugoszewska, Anand Bolder, Eleanor Campbell, Suelem de Oliveira da Silva and Unn Faleide (Four dancers, interchanging cast) | Cullberg is part of Riksteatern