Dear Earthling – Tuva Hildebrand

Dear Earthling is an interactive one-to-one performance, guiding you through a ritual to bring you closer to nature’s cycles of life, death and transformation

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80 min
Swedish / English
performance / interactive / one-to-one
Doors 15 min prior the performance

Dear Earthling invites you to participate in a ritual exploring your relation to the more-than-human. It is an interactive one-to-one performance where you will, by yourself, be guided by one performer through nature’s cycles of life, death and transformation. During an hour you are invited to among other things listen, smell, move, taste, touch and be touched. Influenced by somatic practices such as BodyMind Centering, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Skinner Releasing Technique, Dear Earthling dives into the intimate choreography and interconnection between the human body and the more-than-human.

The research and process allowing Dear Earthling to take form has also included an experiential investigation of humans’ embryological and evolutionary journey and themes such as loss, grief, the art of letting go, mysticism, healing as a radical act, stillness, egolessness and sustainability.

Tuva Hildebrand is a maker, performer and somatic movement pedagogue originally from Skåne. Her practice is influenced by Alexander technique, BodyMind Centering, Skinner Releasing technique and her close mentor-apprentice relationship with pioneer Eva Karczag. During 2011-2018 Tuva lived and worked in New York for the organization Movement Research and choreographers Heather Kravas and Stacy Grossfield among others, as well as female pioneers within improvisation and somatic dance practice. 2018-2020 she carried out her MFA research in somatic and artistic practice from a queer-feminist and sociopolitical perspective at HSM in Gothenburg. Her work deals with themes such as intimacy, care, non-violence, ecofeminism, the power of language and states beyond it. She has performed and shown work at venues such as The Kitchen, Chocolate Factory, JACK, Center for Performance Research, Danspace Project St. Marks Church, the Dixon Place and Jersey City Theater Center (US).


Concept & choreography: Tuva Hildebrand
Studio research support: Marie Klawitter (2020) och Marcella Quinchavil Steen (2021)
Performers: Tuva Hildebrand, Emelia Koberg, Ina Dokmo, Nina Matthis
Sounddesign: Tomas Björkdal
Lightdesign: Meike Mykey
Scenography:  Tuve Hildebrand with textiles by Sofia Kroon Walter

Dramaturgical advice: Stefan Åkesson, Sally O’Neill, Nina Matthis

With support from Inkonst, Danscentrum Syd, Malmö Stad, Göteborgs stad och Dans i Blekinge