Deng Deng Hifi: Raske Penge & Klumben

Denmarks biggest reggae-act

Deng Deng and their own sound system takes over with the help of militant dub, roots and the heavy Danes.

Raske Penge and Klumben has in recent years become one of the biggest artists in Denmark with their hard and sometimes light-hearted reggae and bass music, often in a 80’s kind of sound. They both sing in Danish over rumbling bass lines like no other in the neighboring country, which has led to lots of awards, while they brought life into a dormant dancehall and dub scene. The 17/2 they perform together with Malmö’s own sound system Deng Deng HiFi who brings their own newly renovated sound system to Inkonst. Raske Penge, also known as Ras Money as a DJ, and Klumben will do a longer set this evening, more suited to soundsystem style along the Deng Deng crew. Present is also the singer King Ital, in addition to their regular micman Dan I Locks. Are you a fan of bass culture you do not want to miss this event.

Inkonst & Deng Deng Hifi