DEVOTED – Dijle Neva Yigitbas & Lisa Janbell

The meditative in punk, the soft in the hard and the invincible in the fragile. Devoted is a symbiosis of acoustic and electronic soundscapes, in chaos and harmony. Where movements meet and form frequencies.

DATES: 3–4/10
DOORS: 18.30
ON STAGE: 19.00

In DEVOTED, the audience is invited to a choreographic experimental soundscape dedicated to devotion to the present and the contrasts of the present. DEVOTED explores the meditative in the punk, the soft in the hard and the invincible in the fragile.

Lisa is the choreographer and dancer who worked on an exploration of connection in the transcendental with ceremonial dance practices and techno. Dijle are the artist composer and musician who combines art and music with insights from meditation and artistic archives. By mixing different techniques and forms of expression, she creates a dynamic and innovative artistic vision that touches and inspires. The first time they met was in Lisa Janbell’s work Trans[e]ición (2015). Now they are back together in a new process, fully dedicated to what can arise at the intersection of music and dance. DEVOTED.

Lisa Janbell has previously presented the work Lead Us at Inkonst.


Lisa Janbell is a dancer and choreographer, based in Stockholm. With an education in folk dance practices in Cuba and dance training in Brazil as well as anthropology at Stockholm University, Lisa’s practice and choreographic work is specialized in ritual performance and ceremonial dance practices. As a central theme in her work, she explores collectivity in relation to the subconscious. The artistic work is formed through suggestions, to look together for a place and an opening to the transcendental. With the aspiration to reach a deep presence and a shared knowledge. Through a feminist and intersectional perspective, emotional work, soft values ​​and the shaping of caring spaces are highlighted. This artistic strategy manifests itself in warm and welcoming spaces and environments where the audience can rest and draw strength in detailed textures of movement material and generous choreographic compositions such as Trans[e]ición (2015) Trans[e]ición club edition (2016) Studio Barnhus A/V Show (2018) KONTAKT (2020) Lead us (2021) SEARCH (2022). Lisa Janbell is the other half of the performance duo Dos Oké and the artistic director of the Swedish-Cuban dance collective SOMOS since 2012. Lisa Janbell’s self-produced works have toured Sweden, Europe and Cuba. She has created commissions for, among others, Studio Barnhus with performances at Sónar (Barcelona), Way Out west (Gothenburg) and Cirkus (Stockholm). During 2022, Lisa develops the group piece SEARCH with eight dancers at HALLEN in Farsta and two performance pieces with Dos Oké at Fylkingen.

Dijle Neva Yigitbas, also known as Neva Deelay, is a self-taught artist and musician who lives in Stockholm. She fuses norm-critical themes with hyperrealism and depicts scenes from her life in both Turkey and Sweden. Dijle Neva Yigitba’s artistic practice explores the borderland between art and music. She has devotedly practiced one of the world’s oldest meditation techniques, vipassana meditation since 2018, and is certified as a teacher of kundalini yoga. Using sound to convey emotions, she creates stories through frequencies. She alternates between improvisation and pre-recorded sound mats and inspires the audience to create their own unique experiences and perspectives. With a background as a DJ since the age of 15, she has further developed into a producer, composer, sound designer and storyteller. Over the years, she has created music for several theater plays, commercials, documentaries and similar productions. In addition, she has produced a short film that is currently being developed into a feature film. Dijle runs her own production company and is involved in several artistic projects regarding  performing arts and film. She has worked at reputable institutions such as Unga Klara, Riksteatern and Malmö Stadsteater and is currently involved in a co-production at MDT.  Read more here.


Music and artistic composition: Dijle Yigitbas and Lisa Janbell
On stage: Dijle Yigitbas and Lisa Janbell
Scenography, light design och costume: Josefin Hinders
Sound technician och sound artistic ears: Clara-Fia Tapper och Sade Kassiri
Dramaturgy: Karina Sarkissova
Photo: Kajsa Lorentzon

Co-produced by Inkonst, MDT and Hallen, with support from
Samproducerat av Inkonst, MDT och HALLEN med stöd av Swedish Arts Council and the City of Stockholm.