DJ Seinfeld + support | Alleycat Anthem x Inkonst | X-mas Day

We are more than pleased to have Malmö’s very own DJ Seinfeld over to celebrate our 5th year in the alley on X-mas day together with Alleycat Anthem.

Ever since the release of his highly acclaimed debut ”Time Spent Away From U” in 2017, DJ Seinfeld has established himself as one of most prominent names in the electronic scene. Over the years he’s been gaining international recognition and a strong following across the globe while collaborating with well-known names in the scene and headlining the biggest festivals. Since the start of his career, DJ Seinfeld has managed to create a unique signature sound which ultimately caught the ears of established labels such as Ninja Tune, where he released his latest album ”Mirrors”. For this release, he continues to explore new soundscapes, with a more sophisticated approach while continuing to stay true to the essential core of his music. 

Last time DJ Seinfeld played in Malmö was at Inkonst in 2018 so we are more than hyped to finally have him back for a long awaited homecoming.

Supported by ACA-members: Moose Dawa & Liron (Aron Mody & Lidia Ponjavic)

I saw Mommy kissing Seinfeld Underneath the mistletoe last night