Double Concert: Makross + Sweet Dog

Jazzimprov with renowned French guitarist

The French trio Sweet Dog, led by renowned guitar player Paul Jarret, are touring Sweden and will perform in a double concert with the local band Makross

Sweet Dog is touring Sweden during the winter of 2017. Before heading on to Denmark and Copenhagen the band will perform a double concert with the jazz quartet Makross.

Sweet Dog is a trio guitar/drums/saxophone based in France. With this band we play free/improv/jazz/rock, spontaneous improvised compositions melting our different sounds and influences. The band consists of:

Julien Soro – Saxophone
Paul Jarret – Guitar
Ariel Tessier – Drums

Makross was born after a passionate meeting between four jazz musicians one cozy autumn eve four years ago. The idea of having chord instruments was quickly dismissed and the group was formed with drums, bass and no less than two saxophones, a big one and one slightly smaller. At an early stage, Makross was well aware of where the band were headed musically. Makross wanted to explore the wide, open nordic landscapes, still being knee-deep in the American jazz tradition and with a big portion of humour and seriousity.

Rasmus Nyvall – Saxophone, Clarinette
Jens Persson – Saxophone
Andreas Henningsson – Double Bass
Kristoffer Rostedt – Drums


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In collaboration with Musik i Syd