EMOM Scania – Electronic Music Open Mic | FREE ENTRY

EMOM, or Electronic Music Open Mic, is an underground movement that was started in England in 2017 by Martin Christie. The concept of these nights is simple, they provide a meeting and performance space for electronic musicians of all styles and persuasions.

A typical night could include everything from techno through to experimental and ambient music, from chiptune through to live coding and looping, field recording and industrial. The choice of technology is also wide ranging; lap tops, iPads and mobile phones are welcome, as are drum machines, synths, groove boxes, sequencers, samplers, modular set ups, keyboards, DJ decks, and analogue and digital devices of all kinds. The event is open to everyone regardless of the style of electronic music being performed.
Take the opportunity to leave your home studio for a while and join us for a fun evening with other enthusiasts, hobby musicians, and electronic music lovers; this event is for anyone who wants to try playing live in a welcoming, supportive, and highly motivating environment.

EMOM #2 September 4th
If you would be interested in performing at this or one of our upcoming events, please contact us at kontakt@emom.se.
Please note that the last registration date is Sunday, July 28th!

Make sure to include a brief bio of yourself and a couple of songs in the style you intend to perform. Music examples are only for us to plan the evening’s acts in a smooth flow for everyone. We do not make any artistic judgments, the idea is for everyone to get the chance to play as time and schedule for the planned slots will permit. If not on this, maybe for a future event.
Also, if you do not wish you play, you are more than welcome to just join in on the fun, listen to the music, geek out about musical gear and have fun with fellow electronic music enthusiasts.

EMOM Scania: https://www.facebook.com/EMOM.Scania

Elektrish: https://www.facebook.com/elektrish