Faulty Channels, Pt. 0: Kindly Remind Me of My Presence

Residence: A week-long livestream - 12h per day for 8 days

Live 12.00–00.00 everyday 13-20 of March!

Follow A.Z. Kelsey´s progress during his intense work-in-progress residence. 

He wants to rediscovered his past, so he does what most people would do:
broadcast the process live twelve hours a day for a week. During the stream you will follow him through video interviews with childhood friends and family,
and other things that will trigger his memories.

Link to livestream

Andrew doesn’t remember much. (Pity.) But maybe that’s not true. Maybe all the good stuff is still in there somewhere, waiting to be revisited.

In this week-long livestream, performer A.Z. Kelsey holes up in a blackbox theater for 12 hours each day, playing a version of himself on a mission to remember his entire life so far. Using every means available, this lone voyager (lab rat?) attempts a journey into his own hippocampus to lay claim to his stories before it’s too late. Part ritual. Part endurance test. Part slow TV. Part 3-D memoir, prematurely penned. What unfolds in the allotted time will either produce a rich canvas of vivid experience and meaning, or a tattered cheesecloth begging to be discarded for the sake of living now.

Conceived and performed by A.Z. Kelsey
Co-creators: Stephanie Hayes, Stefan Stanisic, Emma Bexell, Svante Back, Nathan Larson