Félicia Atkinson

ASMR-laden soundscapes and ambience from a modern sound master.

Hailing from Paris, Félicia Atkinson explores improvisation, dystopia, science fiction, distortion, coincidence, noise, abstraction and poetry. Somewhere in between the Schaeffer school of musique concrete, field recordings and improvisation her uniqueness becomes apparent – the relationship between synthesis and acoustics have never felt this innate and the border between the artificial and the organic have deteriorated completely. 

Félicia’s most recent album ‘Hand In Hand’, released on her own, widely praised imprint Shelter Press, travels gently through ASMR-laden soundscapes and ambience. All the while, audial disturbances and glitches thought-provokingly spurs up along the way and have steered this release right into the hearts of left-leaning audiences around the globe.

Her voluminous resumé covers most of Europe’s most prestigious art and music institutions and happenings, but the academic atmosphere aside; this is music for both ears and soul, with a narrative and drive that makes Félicia Atkinson stand out remarkably from her peers.