Club meets performing arts through BPM, release, hype and more!

Summer is amazing but so is the performing arts program that’s coming up at Inkonst this autumn/winter season! To ensure a smooth transition from sunny beach days into dark and hazy winter dreams we call upon FESTEN – a tribute to club culture, humankind and the sensuous. Enjoy a journey of club meets performing arts, guided by professional club dancers through BPM, release and hype.

When Viktor Fröjd, Joanna Holewa ChrionaJohanna Fröjd, Dj Maele Sabuni and Cermoni Master Yared Cederlund tour the land and kingdom with the dance performance FESTEN, they stop by Inkonst to inaugurate our performing arts season with a custom made special edition, turning FESTEN into a performative house club experience.

For the full experience get the pre-party ticket! With this exclusive ticket you’ll get both FESTEN the dance performance between 23-00 and FESTEN the house club between 00-04. In other words the ultimate FESTEN experience!


Viktor Fröjd, danskonstnär, är baserad i Malmö, Skåne och arbetar både i det stora och intima format i sina verk. Senast som vi fick se Viktor på Inkonst var med verket Var dag. Han samlar samarbetspartners, på och bakom scen, för kollektiva processer som ofta leder till interaktiva upplevelser för publiken. Dramaturgin i verken byggs ofta kring improvisationens kraft och förståelsen för det sociala. Här blir alla i rummet (utövare och åskådare) med och skapar upplevelsen. Utgångspunkten blir dansens potential till att öppna upp för varje persons egna upplevelse genom lust och gemenskap. Ledord i arbetet är ärlighet, början, tid och (icke tid). Viktor Fröjd är utbildad vid streetdance-utbildningen på Åsa folkhögskola utanför Katrineholm och har en kandidat i danspedagogik med inriktning street från DOCH – Dans och Cirkushögskolan i Stockholm.


Koreografi, idé: Viktor Fröjd
Medskapande dansare:
Joanna Holewa Chrona
Johanna Fröjd
Yared Tilahun Cederlund
Maele Sabuni
Viktor Fröjd

Master of Ceremony: Yared Tilahun Cederlund
DJ: Maele “Dj Cheza” Sabuni


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  • DJ Yared

    Yared Tilahun Cederlund has been active on the street dance scene for almost twenty years. FESTEN’s Master of Cermony that will guide us through the evening! Behind the turntables he is DJ Yaredo and brings out the best of beats, rhythms and grooves. This evening with a focus on House and Amapiano!

“DJ Yaredo takes us on journeys around the UNIVERSE. Front and back, down and up. The game is in focus when the music takes shape on the dance floor.”

DJ Maele “Dj Cheza” Sabuni

Cheza started his DJ journey in The woods of Åsa Folkhögskola around 2012/13. Later on became a DJ with the unique versatility of playing sets for many different occasions. Dancefestivals like Juste Debout Sweden , Hiphop Revolution, Up North Battle, Streetstar etc.
Clubs like The Nexus (Washington DC), Trädgården/Under bron, Berns, Fasching, Moriska paviljongen etc.
Other Festivals/venues like Way Out West Festival, Stockholms Kulturfestival, Steam Hotel, Scandic Hotel and more.
Cheza also Performed a Tribute showcase for the award winning Grandmaster Flash at Polar Music Prize award Ceremony 2019. Honoring him with a tribute show infront of millions watching on national TV, the royal family and the man himself Grandmaster Flash!
The main focus is to challenge the audience, set sparks on the dancefloor and to go deeper in playfullness; Cheza means ”play” (verb) in swahili.
DJ mixes: https://soundcloud.com/maele-cheza
DJ Shuwana
Joanna Holewa Chrona is a Swedish dancer, choreographer, project leader and dj located in Sweden/South Africa. Her dance- background is within Streetdance from the afro-diaspora as well as from West/South-African cultural dances. She is active within different fields of art such as performing, teaching, choreographing, organising, battles/competitions, music-videos, art-films, commercials, deejaying etc. With her movement-experience from dance-training and work, as well as through her many inspiration and knowledge-seeking travels she has found a unique way of moving. Joanna believes that dance and music is important for individuals and communities freedom of expressing, and that sharing and exchanging is the key to togetherness.
“ It all started in Johannesburg, South Africa, where I first travelled as a dancer to learn isiPantsula. But once there I fell deeply in love with the House-music scene, the spiritual and positive vibrations created by the DJS and the people, the need of letting go of stress, emotions, structures, and thoughts, the joy of coming together and celebrating our existence and life itself…. So after some time spent in Johannesburg I started to feel the urge of getting behind the decks myself, to connect deeper with the music and this uniting force, to loose myself in the music and move the crowd!”
DJ Sacred Grove
Sacred Grove can be described as a sacred place in the forest, which is much
of what he wants the music to portray. Either through tracks in your headphones or djing in a club, music can help us get to our own sacred grove, which in the end is the ultimate goal.


Ljusdesigner: Anton Andersson
Ljudkomposition: Yared Tilahun Cederlund, Maele “Dj Cheza” Sabuni
Scenograf: Anton Andersson
Kostymdesigner: Sarah Nakiito
Dramaturgiskt stöd: Bodil Persson
Film: Gustav Ågerstrand
Foto: Jonath Mathew / Gustav Ågerstrand

Produktion: Kulturföreningen Iver och Nordberg Movement
Samproduktion: Kulturföreningen IVER och NorrlandsOperan, Dansens Hus och Dansstationen

Med stöd av Kulturrådet, Malmö Stad, Region Skåne och Konstnärsnämnden

Premiär: 1 september 2021 på Dansstationen i Malmö