FILM: Tova Gerge & Britta Kiessling “Passivity Rules / Memories of being Hanged”

A fleshy, sweaty and occult ritual about passivity, for two dancers and one skeleton

Passivity Rules / Memories of Being Hanged is a performance based on movement and speech, premiering in November 2020 at Skogen in Gothenburg, then in the form of a movie. Watch the movie at Inkonst! The performance builds on experiences of being tied, especially in the context of rope bondage. 

“Passivity rules” are systems where passivity facilitates something, opens up something. It is also an interjection, putting passivity first: passivity rules! 

“Memories of being hanged” stands for experiences of losing control over one’s passivity, being close to dying or disappearing – concretely or metaphorically. 

The performance is about what is going on in a body that seems to sink, let go, lose its grip – or that actually does. Here, passivity is related to femininity. Our entry point to that is feminist. It’s not that we want to demonstrate that “women can do it” (be active). Rather, we want to examine passivity as a lived experience, demanding competences and having consequences.

Passivity Rules / Memories of Being Hanged is a spin-off of the performance Someone You Trust (2018).



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Single / Duo SEK 50 // Tickets are valid for 1-2 people

To guarantee a safe and pleasant environment in these Corona times, we offer several viewing opportunities for a maximum of 8 people. Each show thus has a limited number of seats and two ticket variants. Each party (1-2 people) gets its own sofa corner.


6 APRIL // 17.00 / 18.00 / 19.00

7 APRIL // 18.00 / 19.00


Tova Gerge is a writer and project manager, active in literature, theater and dance. She is interested in power, body politics and subversive intimacy. Her work method is influenced by activist culture, contemporary dance and game design.

Britta Kiessling works with text, performing arts and rope bondage. She is interested in how gaze and power structures interact in terms of forces and intensities linked to desire and sexuality – and not least the possibility of love.

We follow the Public Health Agency’s current restrictions to prevent the spread of infection at our events. Only 8 people per film screening. 


  • 6–7/4 2021
  • 17.00 / 18.00 / 19.00
  • 50kr för en duobiljett
  • 18 år
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