Flock – Hey Elbow

An exploration of social and artistic interplay between music, dance and people.

SOLD OUT: 9/9 kl 20:00
EXTRA SHOW: 9/9 18:00
50 min
performance / dance / concert
Doors 30 min prior the performance

The performance FLOCK is Hey Elbow’s exploration of social and artistic interplay between music, dance and people. Three stubborn but also collectively shaped musicians invite three dancers and a set designer to be co-creators. The stage and the room are – like the music and the dance – changing and moving.

Improvisation means listening to the impulses of others and is in both music and dance an essential tool for developing, creating and transforming. But can adaptation be limiting?

Through specially written music, Hey Elbow with FLOCK wants to investigate issues that have been with them throughout their musical career. The band strives to highlight each individual musician’s personal expression. At the same time, they always create the music together, in a common process. From this dynamic arise questions that are central to FLOCK: What does it mean to insist on one’s uniqueness and go one’s own way? What happens when we adapt and let others lead us?

The band Hey Elbow was formed in 2013 and consists of Ellen Pettersson (wind, electronics, synths), Julia Ringdahl (vocals, guitar) and Liam Amner (drums). Since then, the group has played about 150 concerts, including a number of international tour turns and released three records; “Every Other” (2015), “C0C0C0” (2018) and “We Three” (2020).


Julia Ringdahl- vocals, electronics, guitar
Ellen Pettersson- grand piano horn, electronics, synths
Liam Amner- drums

Corrado di Lorenzo
Lucia Fernandez Santoro
Robert Logrell

Set design:
Elin Stampe