FrimSyd: Skogen

Contemporary chamber and improvisation music

Skogen 2016
Angharad Davies, violin
Leo Svensson Sander, cello
Magnus Granberg, piano
Rhodri Davies, harpa
Simon Allen, vibrafon
Henrik Olsson, skålar och glas, objekt och elektronik
Erik Carlsson, slagverk
Petter Wästberg, elektronik och objekt
Toshimaru Nakamura, no-input mixing board

The music offers a host of subtle sensations, a slow thoughtful journey that shines a light and speaks of hope. This is a graceful, peaceful, meditative mindscape: it is life-affirming and, in the quietest way possible, wildly exciting. Perhaps this is what it sounds like to hunt for mushrooms in a hushed and ancient forest, with ears that are wide-open and free.” – Florence Wetzel, Squid’s Ear