Fubbik pres. Echo Ladies + 11am

An initiative to promote the local alternative scene in Malmö.

“Second edition of Fubbik, an initiative to promote the local alternative scene in Malmö”

Fubbik is an initiative taken by the Malmö-based band Kluster and Inkonst. Fubbik wants to lift active bands in Malmö that does not necessarily have a commercial expression. The idea of Fubbik is to highlight the creative and musical diversity that exists in the city and does not always have the chance to be seen or gets the credd it deserves. Fubbik is an attempt at a collective effort to keep the local music life alive in more than just a few places. Our hopes are that the club will contribute to a generous exchange of audience and music, meetings between bands and people, which in one way or another will strengthen the local scene and all of us in our creation and listening.

Inkonst and Kluster with founding by Skånsk Live