Grus Grus Teater & Re:Orient “Rabbinens katt”

Music-filled puppet theatre based on a french graphic novel. 

What are the consequences if a cat suddenly learns to talk? This is a story about seeing things from new perspectives, about different ways to relate to tradition and religion, the longing for freedom, friendship and the power of the spoken word at the intersection of arabic, jewish and french culture in 1930s Algeria. 

Rabbinens katt is a puppet theatre performance based on the graphic novel with the same name by Joann Sfar. The story revolves around a jewish family consisting of a rabbi, the rabbi’s daughter, a cat and a parrot. One day the cat eats the talkative parrot and inherits its ability to talk. But everything that comes out of the cat’s mouth seems to be lies and the cat’s master, the pious rabbi, decides to try and educate his wayward cat. 

Inspired by the playful imagery of the graphic novels Rabbinens katt builds an imaginative world for children and adults that is also filled with north african and traditional arabic and arabic-jewish music.

Grus Grus Teater is a multi-lingual nomadic theatre from Åbo in Finland. Their performances use elements from puppet theatre, circus and dance.
Re:orient creates culture events on several stages in Stockholm and Malmö.

On stage: Sofia Berg-Böhm, Ishmael Falke | Musicians: Abboud Koujer Berzins | Set design: Johanna Latvala | Doll makers: Elina Sarno | Light design: Irene Lehtonen | Director: Mikaela Hasán | Producer: Cecilia Hörnell Sunar, Kinda Kreidi | Supported by: Stockholms stad, Kulturrådet | Text and image copyright: Joann Sfar, Dargauds publishing house.