Head Peace – Niki Tsappos & Riksteatern

Where calm swims, grooves sway and rhythms roll.

Head Peace is the hip-hop star Niki “”Awandee”” Tsappo’s first pure stage work, here she immerses herself in the art form that she loves – dance. With the foundation in hip hop, we are brought into an Afro-futuristic universe. Through dancing conversations, the audience is welcomed into a meditative headspace where their own search for peace is at the center. Here we listen to the part of ourselves that always knows and we let it lead our way. In a dreamy and intimate existence where calm swims, grooves sway and rhythms roll, we get space to land and rest our thoughts for a while. The boundary between the inner and outer world is becoming increasingly blurred, movement is the language and the dance is free.

What do we choose to put out in the outer space and what do we choose to keep?

On stage we see Kelly Bigirindavyi and Claudio “”Comics”” Fernandes, two internationally established freestyle dancers with a strong personal expression. Through the dance, they take us into their heads to the world of thoughts. The music for the performance is written by the composer Ayesha Quraishi.

Niki Tsappos has traveled the world with her dance. In 2010, she was part of the first female duo in the world to win the world’s largest street dance competition Juste Debout in Paris. It was captured in the popular documentary Martha & Niki, which was praised with two Guldbaggen awards. Together with the dancer Andreas Sanchez, she has founded the dance collective Cipha 64, which represents some of the foremost in the streedance styles hip hop and house in Sweden.

Riksteatern in collaboration with Niki Tsappos and Cipha64.

Cast: Kelly Bigirindavyi, Claudio “”Comics”” Fernandes | Choreography: Niki Awandee ”Tsappos | Composition: Ayesha Quraishi | Scenography / lighting design: Angela X | Costume Design: Ellen X Elias | Assistant Director / Repetitor: Andreas Sanchez


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