He’s Dead – Marikiscrycrycry

He’s Dead is a dark fantasy choreography asking the unanswerable question “Was Tupac depressed?”

Doors 18.30/ On stage 19:00
50 min


This conceptual group work uses dance, live action and sound to unearth the unspoken dehumanisation of marginalised people and Black experience of mental health. Underscored by a pulsing, dominating soundscape, He’s Dead is a complex, powerful endeavour to shed tears for the things we cannot unearth.

Staged in 3 acts, He’s Dead interrogates the injustice experienced by those perceived as flawed; those denied sadness, denied acknowledgement and denied a voice.

“a confident, original, uncompromising, abstruse performance, unapologetic about taking up space with black and queer bodies”  The Guardian


Malik Nashad Sharpe is an artist working with choreography. They create performances that are formally experimental and engaged with the construction of atmosphere, affect, and dramaturgy. Their performances often utilise social themes and topics as portals to unveil and unearth ulterior and undercurrent perspectives. Often making underneath their alias and aesthetics project marikiscrycrycry, they have been especially concerned with the affective and textural qualities of dance and how it can transform, disarm, and critically reflect upon mourning and melancholia.

Concept, choreography and direction: Marikiscrycrycry
Dancers: Malik Nashad Sharpe, Blue Makwana, Eve Stainton, Jack William Parry

Sound designers: JONI, Joanna Pope, ¥ummy Online
Sound research: Dylan Spencer-Davidson, TAAHLIAH
Flag designs: Zeinab Saleh
Lighting Design: Luke Goodlitt
Production Manager: Gareth Edwards
Dramaturgy: Martin Hargreaves
Producer: Ash Bowmott + Laura Sweeney, The Uncultured
Photography: Elise Rose
Trailer filmmaker and editor: Kassandra Powell
Costumes and styling: Mia Maxwell
Set build: James St. Findlay