Horse Lords (US) + Den Der Hale

RIYL: RVNG Intl., post-kraut, trance inducing minimalism, polyrhythm, math rock, Can, NEU!, VED, post-rock, fatcat records, art-rock, avantgarde, Julius Eastman.

Horse Lords are an American avant-garde rock band from Baltimore. Their latest album “Comradely Objects” appeared on many album of the year lists incl The Wire’s.

Horse Lords, the avant-garde rock outfit hailing from Baltimore, made waves with their latest album “Comradely Objects,” earning a coveted spot on The Wire’s album of the year lists. Founded in 2010, the quartet’s instrumental prowess is fueled by their collective voice, drawing from diverse musical interests ranging from Renaissance counterpoint to experimental compositions.

The band’s dynamic lineup includes guitarist Owen Gardner and saxophonist/percussionist Andrew Bernstein, who first crossed paths at Goucher College, bonding over their shared passion for global folk musics and experimental sounds. Bassist Max Eilbacher, known for his contributions to electroacoustic music, and drummer Sam Haberman complete the lineup, forming a powerhouse unit.

From their debut album in 2012 to their latest releases, Horse Lords have crafted music characterized by repetition and complexity, challenging social and political norms with their thought-provoking compositions. Embracing a DIY ethos, they’ve pushed boundaries by releasing EP-length “mixtapes” and democratizing their touring experience, performing at a wide range of venues.

Driven by a desire to imbue instrumental music with a radical political message, Horse Lords continue to defy conventions, carving out a unique space in the avant-garde music scene with their exploration and passion.

Support: Den Der Hale
Den Der Hale, the Swedish post-psych ensemble, emerges as a collective force, where the individual voices of its members converge into a mesmerizing sonic journey. Their refusal to confine themselves to a single genre or style becomes their strength, as they skillfully navigate through a labyrinth of influences and inspirations.

With each member bringing their unique musical heritage to the table, Den Der Hale’s compositions become a kaleidoscope of sonic textures and colors. Their penchant for experimentation knows no bounds, as they weave together ambulatory rhythms and ethereal melodies, creating a sonic landscape that is as dynamic as it is immersive.

Layer upon layer of effects and distortions add depth to their sound, while animated basslines and driving percussion inject a pulsating energy into their compositions. It’s a delicate balancing act between chaos and cohesion, yet amidst the apparent disorder, there’s always a guiding thread that leads the listener through the sonic maze.

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