IFEMA filmfestival: #FEMALE PLEASURE + Saga & Marco

Film & after talk with Swedens oldest feminist film festival.

IFEMA in collaboration with our new favourite podcast SEXA with Saga and Marco.

Barbara Miller | Germany, Schweiz | 2018 | 101 minutes | Documentary
| English, German, Japanase | English subtitles 

Barbara Miller’s feature documentary portrays five courageous, smart and self-determined women, breaking the silence imposed by their archaic-patriarch societies and religious communities. With incredible strength and positive energy, Deborah, Leyla, Rokudenashiko, Doris and Vithika are fighting for sexual liberation and autonomy for women. But their victory comes at a high price: they all have experienced public defamation, threats and prosecutions and even received death threats. That wouldn not stop them though. These women decide to speak up and are the ultimate example on how courage, strength and zest for life can indeed alter societal structures.

IFEMA filmfestival

  • 14/2 2020
  • 18.30 film start 19.00
  • 80/65 SEK