Improafton – Källan

Källan is inviting you to yet another completely improvised evening. What will happen? No one knows, least of all the actors on stage. Let Källan add a golden edge to your existence, be the icing on the cake and more than anything – make you laugh, or maybe cry? We'll see what occurs!

DATES: 20–21/9
DOORS: 18.00
ON STAGE: 19.00


Without preparations and scripts, but with the help of the audience, scenes and stories are told which will never be performed again. Every evening the actors will put the techniques of improvisation to test and the suggestions from the audience to create scenes from nothing. They Backed up by their pianist. In Källan comedy is the ruling genre, so someone who is scared of being put in a mind boggling or sociorealistic situation about What One Had Done In A Certain Situation do not need to worry! Those kind of things are strictly forbidden among the ladies of Källan who would rather space and out and create comedy, neither more or less.


Källan is a improvisation ensemble with actresses and pianist based in Malmö. Källan was started by Dilan and Moa and have since 2021 rehearsed and put up sold out shows at Inkonst. They never cease to find new ways of creating improvised comedy. Participant actresses varies from time to time.

Photo: Helena Pataki