Cancelled | In-Q

A queer stage, together with Malmö pride

Due to the new restrictions this event is unfortunately cancelled.

In-Q is a brand new queer stage for alternative and experimental music, performance and other artforms at Inkonst. All in collaboration with Malmö Pride. We embrace all kinds of expressions for the stage, and all open minded people in the audience.

The 19th of november the venue will be filled to the brim with queer artists on stage, drinks and goodies at the bar and DJs to guide you through the night. There will be performance arts, concerts, good chats and laughter. And the best part – we’ll make it happen once a month.

Boris Jelic
Aimé Dabbadie
Aurora May
Vala T. Foltyn | Valentine Tanz
Afabuel (DJ)

In-Q is a safe space. This means that everyone should be able to feel safe being who they are, and be safe in our community. Everyone is welcome. No matter if you identify yourself to be in the HBTQIA+ spectrum, or anything else. Inkonst and In-Q is a hate free zone.

INKONST is an independent cultural venue in Malmö for performing arts, music and other art forms. The venue is mainly focused on innovative and contemporary culture that moves outside the established, obvious and genre-specific. We are passionate about art that pushes boundaries, is challenging and risk taking, but also playful, entertaining and spreads joy.

MALMÖ PRIDE is an annual, creative and growing festival – whose purpose is to be a natural part of Malmö’s range of recurring events. Malmö Pride wants to work inclusively, socially developing and accessible to convey strong experiences and provide space for radical expressions and thoughts.


We follow the guidelines and restrictions provided by the Public Health Authority to ensure a safe environment at our events.

  • 19/11 2020
  • 19.00–22.30
  • Free entrance
  • 18 yrs