Your queer stage for music, performance, dance and all things that disturb the order and shakes both soul and butt.

In-Q is a wild deep dive into the boundary-breaking ocean of creative expression that queer people have always excelled at. In collaboration with Malmö Pride we present the stickiest, most glamorous and least expected.

On August 13th we fill the stage for the first time with artists that pull us into their sweetly distorted worlds. Drinks and snacks in the bar, DJs who caress your ear drums and performers who tickle your senses with sharp nails and vibrating bass. We will return around once per month and create the oasis of queer culture we always wanted to visit. 



Boris Jelic Is the self-appointed founder of GAYHIPHOP, who perfected his act in clubs and festivals across Europe. He has released an album and an EP, been on two tours of Europe and recently released his latest single “Dirty Secret”, which is an electronic club banger. In-Q will be his first concert in exactly one year and you can expect a wickedly intense performance with lots of surprises.

The Right|s of Spring (excerpt), by Khamlane Halsackda & Maria Stamenkovic Herranz
Meet Kitty Sparkle. She’s a drag artist. Her gender flows as easily as her many facades. She can entertain and dance for you. She can make you laugh, and maybe cry, but she will also carry you into the dark and beautiful corners of her mind where we can all find a way to fly far far from here. Escaping into the realms of our imagination and a utopian freedom, so we too can have the right to be whoever or whatever we choose. The full show can be seen at Stenkrossen, Riksteatern Lund 14/08 & Malmö World Pride 17/08.

Widianne X / Aurora May is a 26 years old Russian-Palestinian multidisciplinary artist, currently based in Malmö, Sweden. She mainly works with performance art and burlesque. Apart from creating for the stage she also paints, writes, sculptures, designs costumes, builds installations and collects vintage. Her art is transformative; the art she creates is always organic and therefore constantly changing, living. In her work she mainly focuses on working with sex-positivity, kink, sadness and trauma. Since the first time she went up on stage in 2015 she has been building up her repertoire: from classical burlesque to kinky performance art and political statements. She has performed nationally as well as internationally, and will be making her MC debut at the opening night of In-Q.

Ranya Asadi is a multidisciplinary artist and performer from Malmö. For the past 10 years, Ranya has worked as a dancer, DJ and organizer. She is an active member of the Scandinavian ballroom-scene, a founding member of the collective FNGRLCKN and the mastermind
behind the inclusive and genre-bending night club GAHBA GARAGE.

DJ Malin Bobo
Malin Bobo is a Malmö based DJ and music explorer totally in love with the peculiar. Her palette contains contradictory genres such as avantgarde synth, street soul
and folklore, that always somehow end up making perfect sense together. Malin holds a residency at Retreat Radio where she since 2019 has been offering up monthly excursions into her whimsical universe of sound’


MALMÖ PRIDE is an annual, creative and growing festival – whose purpose is to be a natural part of Malmö’s range of recurring events. Malmö Pride wants to work inclusively, socially developing and accessible to convey strong experiences and provide space for radical expressions and thoughts.