Your queer stage for music, performance, dance and all things that disturb the order and shakes both soul and butt.


We’re back! Our first show left us all with shivering hearts open and longing for more, more and more shows and screams and skin. Now it’s time for our second baby, presenting you – our most beloved audience – with the stickiest, most glamorous and least expected.

Widianne X is as always our master of ceremony and the Queen we bow to. So far we know we’ll get some electronic beats from Safer Wilder, a real sticky performance from Degen utan namn, some naughty movie action courtesy of FlickerFuckers and a fancy pants drag act from Clit Eastwood.

In-Q is a wild deep dive into the boundary-breaking ocean of creative expression that queer people have always excelled at. We have drinks and snacks in the bar and performers who tickle your senses with sharp nails and vibrating bass. We return about once per month to create the oasis of queer culture we always wanted to visit.

Widianne X/Aurora May
Widianne X / Aurora May is a Russian-Palestinian multidisciplinary artist, currently based in Malmö, Sweden. She mainly works with performance art and burlesque. Apart from creating for the stage she also paints, writes, sculptures, designs costumes, builds installations and collects vintage. Her art is transformative; the art she creates is always organic and therefore constantly changing, living. In her work she mainly focuses on working with sex-positivity, kink, sadness and trauma. Since the first time she went up on stage in 2015 she has been building up her repertoire: from classical burlesque to kinky performance art and political statements. She has performed nationally as well as internationally, and are the regular MC for In-Q this fall.

Degen utan Namn
Degen utan Namn (The Dough without a Name) is a Swedish-Danish performance group who was born in a tree house in Lund, in the summer of 2020. The group consists of Ajami Solros and Lex Eliot Rose. We are two queer individuals who find strength and power by joining together in a body. Working together in the group and with others in a playful and curious way, empowers us and creates a feeling of togetherness, in a society where queer bodies and individuals face oppression and exclusion. We push boundaries, perceptions and norms and use the dough as a tool, both concretely and metaphorically, to examine our various common bodies. A free space where we as queers can breathe and where we as artists can grow, challenge ourselves and play.

Safer Wilder
Swedish band with a queer agenda based in Malmö. The members met on a dating app 2019, love and music came out of that meeting. They create and performs music that is electronic, soft, joyful and with lyrics about love, queerness, sex and activism. Safe and wild with a queer eye! Many of their songs are about having a lot against you (norms, power, oppression) and despite that fighting for yourself and others. “Be careful with each other, so you can be dangerous together”. The music could be described as updated 80s synthpop, Hi-NRG and soft romantic. Influences and inspiration come from a wide range of artistic expressions such as: Patrick Cowley, Alok Vaid-Menon, Suicide, Samuel T Herring, Grace Jones, Tami T, Felix D’Eon, Planningtorock etc.

FlickerFuckers is a duo from south of Sweden working with erotic art in videos, live visuals, photos and performance. A few selected films are shown at film festivals, but their primary focus is to make enveloping installation-works/rooms where video, lighting, sound, acoustics and scenography harmonize for the visitor’s emotional experience of being in or part of the concept. An overall thematic approach is to find erotic charge in aesthetics, situations, materials and encounters that do not have obvious sexual content. We want to experiment with the unexpected and find that which is challenging to eye and mind.

Clit Eastwood