In-Q Queer Show Night

Your new favourite night is back in a gorgeous December outfit

…and nobody does a night quite like In-Q.

This is sweaty, glitzy, funny, sexy and dirty queer performances, drinks, music and an Audience Hotness Level™ higher than we’ve ever seen. This is what you want and what you need, and we are giving it to you wrapped in tassles and spikes.

This time we have the most delicious honor of presenting you with some very gender-bendy drag, a music performance from a surral being, our most beloved burlesque hostess and much more.

For the first time EVER in Malmö we have the absolute privilege to welcome CNIDARIEL to our stage. They create a surrealist electro pop world with songs from their debut album Köttets Väg. Vulnerable lyrics in raw soundscapes let you experience queerness, rawness and honesty with a stage performance that will melt your eyes and electrify your heart.

Millennium Star is Maria Norrman’s drag persona, a Lorensborgian diva, who – among other things – have performed an opera version of the MFF-song in an abandoned shopping center and given online tarot readings. We can only sit back, relax and let Millenium Star take us where she wants us, and be sure it will be ultra glamorous and extra spicy.

And to help your souls pray for all the sticky queer filth we’re presenting you with, we have the lovely honor of a visit from Miss Bernadette Weatherly. She is a churchgoing woman, who enjoys cooking, gardens, singing, water aerobics, storytelling, family funerals, bullfrogs, and sewing. We think she will carve some good conservative sense into your perverted minds and keep your hands clean from sin.

Guiding you through the evening in the most charming and provocative ways is In-Q resident hostess/hotness/mistress/goddess Widianne X. We can’t swear you’ll be safe in her hands, but we can promise you will have an unforgettable time…

So! Get your ticket, get your friends, wear your heart on your sleeve and your freakiest outfit, and we’ll see you in the steamy dreamy mess that is In-Q.


Millennium Star is Maria Norrman’s drag persona, whom she performs as in different settings. This character allows her to explore an existence on the side of the gender binary where a more fluid state can exist. Maria Norrman is a visual artist based in Malmö, with an MFA from Malmö Art Academy (2013.)

Miss Bernadette Weatherly is a churchgoing woman. She enjoys cooking, gardens, singing, water aerobics, storytelling, family funerals, bullfrogs, and sewing. Her favorite part of a parade is obviously the flag twirlers. Some things you might not know about her is that she is learning to play the clarinet and she used to be a Catholic.

Widianne X / Aurora May is a Russian-Palestinian multidisciplinary artist, currently based in Malmö, Sweden. She mainly works with performance art and burlesque. Apart from creating for the stage she also paints, writes, sculptures, designs costumes, builds installations and collects vintage. Her art is transformative; the art she creates is always organic and therefore constantly changing, living. In her work she mainly focuses on working with sex-positivity, kink, sadness and trauma. Since the first time she went up on stage in 2015 she has been building up her repertoire: from classical burlesque to kinky performance art and political statements. She has performed nationally as well as internationally, and she’s the regular MC at In-Q this fall.

CNIDARIEL was born from a glowing cocoon one night when the moon was in its highest position in the sky. CNIDARIEL is a performance artist, song writer and music producer from Eskilstuna, Sweden. Since 2015, they have developed an experimental, distorted electro pop world that combines vulnurable lyrics in Swedish with raw soundscapes and suggestive live performances. Their music explores themes of queerness, folklore, inner desires and fears and what it means to be not entirely human.
In 2020, their debut album KÖTTETS VÄG was released, and the performance at In-Q will be built on these songs. The conceptual album processes that which is happening right between break-up and reconciliation, pain and soothing, death and rebirth. Flesh is pulsating with life and is then decomposed to ashes in a twisted fantasy setting. CNIDARIEL is leading us with a sincere hand down to the abyss and then inexorably up again. You will experience queerness, rawness and honesty.

Nippy Slips is a dancing king, with a sad heart. Blue is not only his favourite color, but also his state of mind.
He is here to dazzle and daze you, with both his many talents and his glorious beard of glitter.


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