Welcome to the incredible red and white universe of Grebnellaw

FictionalSubatomicBodiesInflatableMutableHybrids” Art exhibition opening w/ DJ Shaya

“Transsy” – Black Box Performance
18.00 Free

“In-Q Take Over” w/ Grebnellaw Crew, Butcherqueen, Leffe Crumlove aka Marathong, Ruccola Hängbjörk & Shaya + Grebnellaw performers: Widianne X, Faryad Mortazavi, Vibha Kumra, Fay Khodaperest, Lauri Lohi
20.00–23.00 18+ 80:-

Bar Night w/ Grebnellaw DJ crew.
22.00–02.00 18+

Eager to please you, our most adored audience, we’ve asked performance freak Grebnellaw to bring all their weirdest friends to Malmö to thrill you with futuristic sex, gigantic costumes and pounding beats. Prepare for a night of clinically significant insanity.

You are entering an incredible evening in the red and white universe of Grebnellaw, complete with subatomic beauty, futuristic sex and the biggest costumes in the whole Galaxy. We’ll serve you a participatory Grebnellaw concert on the big stage and performances by living legends Ruccola Hängbjörk, Leffe Crumlove aka Marathong, Butcherqueen, Shaya DJ:s and much more!

Let’s celebrate the beginning of sparkling pandemonium and the start of a magnificent bubbly era where jillions of tiny Grebnellaw will crawl out from the depths of the atoms, causing havoc, excitement and chaos.

We promise 100% recreational energy and dance all night long beyond Newtonian heteronormative physics, in a utopian dream world of infinite strength, control of quantum energy, matter and time manipulation.

Grebnellaw is a Stockholm based visual artist, performer and music producer. Their art project revolves around a creation narrative and a collection of portraits depicting a new population with subatomic origins.Through these fictional bodies and mutable hybrids, elements of science, climate change, identity and gender are translated into high-tempo improvised participatory performances and visual art. Grebnellaw is currently part of “Misschiefs” and also co-runs the Dragfestival Stockwig. Grebnellaw has brought their performances from underground venues to established institutions in Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Paris and NYC.