In-Q: Queer Show Night 2/6

It’s your favourite queer show night, this time blessing you with Kupalua, Inga Kolbrún Söring, Filip Vest and Rasmus Balling, all hosted by our Miss Bernadette Weatherly.

A smell of hairspray and plastic, layers of sweat and sweet cocktails. Skin on skin, dancing and screaming, all eyes glued to the stage – what is it? It’s In-Q, bitch! Oh yes, it’s us, your giggling, dressed-up favourite queer show night, filling your belly with nutritious snacks to make you grow into the deliciously strange creature you dream to be. This beautiful night you’ll be lovingly cared for by the gorgeous Miss Bernadette Weatherly, our wonderful Queen of the swamps and lost causes. She’s blessing you with an all-you-can-eat buffet of entertainment, featuring (amongst other surprises) a frog striptease by artist Filip Vest, artist Kolbrún Inga Söring will introduce you to their performance character Sinfluencer,  we will meet Rasmus Ballings Giovanni in a tiredless quest for romance, AND a musical wonderland by the multi-dimensional and multi-talented Kupalua. Dress to impress, bring your granny, kiss a stranger and make sure you leave shame and good taste in the bin where they belong: it’s time to be fearless together.


Kupalua (BR)
Kolbrún Inga Söring (IS/SE)
Filip Vest (DK)
Rasmus Balling (DK)
Host: Miss Bernadette Weatherly (US)


Multi-artist born in Brazil, based in Berlin and Denmark, interested in the transdisciplinarity between composition, performance, voice, musical production and video. Investigating power dynamics between and within bodies, Kupalua problematizes gender expectations and the institutionalisation of human relations. With sounds coming from the most interior places such as the cervix or from the deepest spot in the Ocean, Kupalua is a physical experience, sound waves trespass your body and voices whisper to your bones other notions of darkness, womanhood, alien and terrain possibilities. Listen here or here.

Kolbrún Inga Söring 

Kolbrún Inga Söring is a gender queer artist working in Gothenburg whose artistic research explores possibilities of using the body as an autonomous site of provocation; problematising cis-heteronormative ideals while questioning the deeply rooted myth of masculine desire. Söring engages in a process of performative writing: rethinking popular narratives by unpacking their own troubled relationship with said ideals and desires within a framework of self-representational body politics, body modification and politics of desire. Their work spans several areas of artistic expression including performance, film site specific installation and workshopping.

Read more here.

✿Filip Vest  “The Wide-Mouthed Frog”

In the performance “The Wide-Mouthed Frog” we meet a frog trying to perform a striptease routine for the director of an art hall, but midways it has a breakdown and starts ranting about the struggles of being a frog and and artist in a post-capitalist society. It’s a story about performance art and experience economy, loneliness and capitalism, fetischisation, frogs and sex.

“…And as you know in the art world often they can’t offer you money, but they can offer you a lot of exposure! Too bad the only thing I got exposed to was gonorrhea… 

Sorry am I using that word correctly? Exposure? I think the word I was looking for was… Exploitation? Sorry I always mix up the two of them…”

Filip Vest (DK, b. 1995) holds an MFA from Malmö Art Academy. Through performances, installations, films and texts, he examines queer love, loneliness and desire in the 21st century. Using rehearsal methods from theatre he tests the relationship between text and body and the ways in which we constantly renegotiate our identities and the narratives we’re part of. The characters in his work often fail and forget their lines and how they should behave while going through different transformations in an abstract poetic universe in constant dialogue with a specific political reality. Through mobile phones, walls and windows, they communicate and miscommunicate across species and time in a vast network of small and large things affecting each other.

Filip Vest has previously shown his work at The National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen Contemporary, Møstings, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Charlottenborg, Tallinn Kunsthal and for Manifesta13. Red more here.

Rasmus Balling “Giovanni Dismantled” 

In the performance, we meet Giovanni, who, equipped with his smartphone and a triedless search for romantic connections, scours the dating market of one of Europe’s largest metropolises. He introduces us to his odyssey of intimate encounters, and confides his longings and reflections through pop music and dance. He flirts, cries, scolds us and embraces us and himself. It is a journey towards a series of seemingly unknown universes built on humor, seriousness and vulgar poetry. A journey towards the utopia of ‘the one and only’.

Because of the heteronormative society that surrounds us all, Queer people have been forced and struggled to try and map an as yet unknown terrain of ways to love and form relationships. These mappings are crucial to all of us. Because in a time where relationships can be shopped online, we must insist on eye contact and slow sex – because the world is crying out for deeper connections – both between us humans, but also to our planet. Everything becomes symptomatic instead of getting to the heart of the matter, which may only be saved by the coming of the poetic revolution and insistent radical care.

This performance is a result of working on a long performance that is under constant construction and will premiere in Copenhagen May 2024.

✿Host: Miss Bernadette Weatherly

Miss Bernadette Weatherly is a chaotic drag queen who loves to host and entertain. The stage is her home where she welcomes each guest like family and serves a buffet of gossip, rumors, intrigue, delusion, controversy, passive aggression, and other frozen foods that have left reviewers feeling “stunned,” “disturbed,” and “strangely hopeful.” She is also a hoarder.


After the show it’s time to dance. So twerk that booty, shake those titties and dazzle every sequin in the great vibes that is the obvious aftermath of every In-Q Queer Show Night.

✿ DJ: Babylon Barsebäck ✿

The producer/DJ combo of Babylon Barsebäck have by this point become synonymous with an aptitude for shaping the unconventional and the unexpected into freakishly effective dancefloor weaponry.

‎With an ’anything goes’ ethos where corners of music ranging from Paris Hilton-esque pop hits, slimy ’n’ grimy club antics and arty-farty soundscapes can coexist and intermingle into unholy naughtiness – the only possible outcome is a real wrecking ball of interdisciplinary pleasure! And yes, the traditional WAP acapella will rear its head at some point as usual.

Barsebäck has been engaged in various constellations of Malmö and Copenhagen musical contexts and nightlife since 2015. In recent years they’ve developed local label and event platform SKÖRD, which aims to spotlight and enhance grassroots subculture without market-oriented mindsets in play.

Listen here.