In-Q: Queer Show Night

Your favourite queer show night giving you Progressive Genitalia, Hinvex, Ladyprince, Mariê Mazer & Daddy Dionysos presented by Miss Bernadette Weatherly.

Doors 19.00
On stage 19.45

It’s time for In-Q and we hope to the gods that your mind and body are ready to be greased, squeezed and released into the night. What was that? Are you longing and dreaming to be entertained?! Say no more!! We’re coming at you full force with a new host, the stunning Miss Bernadette Weatherly, a darling southern woman with a love of Jesus who just wants to make y’all laugh. And the performers – oh my: Progressive Genitalia is gonna launch a brand of DIY home kit for genital modification and takes the stage to give us a live step-by-step demonstration. Electronic punks Hinvex creates the softness in our nightmares with their gorgeous music. Mariê Mazer gives the rock concert back to the faggots, the maricones, the dykes and the fems and kicks white supremacist ideas out of the metal scene. Ladyprince caresses our ears with the sweetest dreamy pop songs and Daddy Dionysos will provide humour and tragedy using dance, acrobatics and physical comedy.

If Earth is burning, In-Q here to light fireworks and throw a barbecue on the embers. Come with us into the darkness and find togetherness, laughter, tears, flirts and your new favourite freaks.

In-Q is a space for queer dance, drag, music, film, performance, poetry and all things that disturb the order and shakes both soul and arse. It’s a wild deep dive into the boundary-breaking ocean of creative expression that queer people have always excelled at. We have drinks and snacks in the bar and performers who tickle your senses with sharp nails and vibrating bass and create the oasis of queer culture we always wanted to visit.

After our show on stage there will be more shenanigans in the bar with a DJ, drinks and all the dancing and flirting you can take.

Progressive Genitalia is a company created in 2018 that produces your dream genitals by means of biotechnology CRISPR/Cas 9. Rumors are going around that the founder Professor Rory has a shady collaboration with Jeff Bezos. Together they are planning to launch a DIY home kit so that you can modify your genitals in the comfort of your own home, with some ready made designs by hip influencers. Apparently, their first launching event will be at Inkonst in Malmö on the 7th of October 2022. Professor Rory will be taking you on a live step by step presentation on how to use the home kits with a unique Q&A experience. This may seem worrying for the human species, but once your genitals are installed in an Ikea flat pack furniture manner, it’s an exciting journey.
IG progressive_genitalia

Hinvex is a group of 2, blending influences of electronica and punk. They started producing music together in 2019 and their debut album SEEDS released in 2020. With themes of tales and real life, HINVEX creates the softness in your nightmare.
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Ladyprince är drömsk pop inspirerat av artister som Perfume Genius, Empress Of och ANOHNI. Ett soloprojekt där jag jobbar som producent, låtskrivare och sångare. Ett sätt att bygga utrymme för mig själv som förhoppningsvis landar i någonting sant och upphöjt på samma gång
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Mariê Mazer “Thunder and metal”
We are fighting with power and steel, fighting for metal: that’s all that’s real. Sisters of metal will always be there, standing together with hands in the air!
Thunder and metal is the reclaim of the rock concert. Give it back to the faggots, the maricones, the dykes and the fems. Thunder and metal is kicking white supremacist ideas out of the metal scene. Thunder and metal is dangerous and explosive.
Girls to the front, dudes out of the moshpit. Walk on home, boy.
IG marietcha

Daddy Dionysos plays around with contrasts of tragedy and comedy. With roots in the queer crowd spread across the city borders, they freely mixes its scenic expressions from expressive dance acro to physical comedy in a bodily compote. Vulgar, decadent, intoxicating.

Miss Bernadette Weatherly is a Southern wohman. She likes to entertain. She wants to make you smile! She’ll sing, she’ll dance, she’ll parade in the streets, she’ll do whatever it takes. You can laugh with her or you at her, she just wants to see some pee dribbling down the side of your leg. She was raised in the church and she regularly attends confession, on and off the stage. She loves all of god’s creatures! Maybe you’re a microbe living in the warm mud of a brackish marsh. Maybe you are a mature seagull attacking an innocent fledgling in the middle of the day, you are welcome aboard her arc, two by two, climb aboard, the sea is rising and the ticket is cheap. Have a blessed day!